Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Friends = Inspiration

          One thing I admire about my friends is that for the most part they all are doing something they love or are making strides towards it.  One of my lifelong childhood friends inspired me today when she drove all the way to Nashville from Atlanta to audition for The Glee Project.  Her passion is singing and she took time out from being a full time student and working woman to pursue her dream, to be a singer.

          My other friend is living her dream as we speak.  Ever since I met her in 7th grade she wanted to be a doctor.  After getting accepted to both her dream schools (John Hopkins and Emory), she is now a full time grad student at Emory living out her dream. 

          Even my boyfriend is another example.  From a kid who loved figuring out how and why things worked, he followed that passion and is now an engineer doing exactly what interested him so much when he was younger.

          With all these stories and more, I can't help but be inspired to put more effort into changing the things that are blocking my overall happiness.  As I sit and wait for 4:30pm to get here so I can start my jet setting weekend, I fell into one of my deep thoughts about life, career happiness and everything else in between, I wrote this on my facebook wall...

          "We aren't promised tomorrow, so I'm gonna live for today, and learn to let go of yesterday.  We came in this world by ouselves so I’m going to live life how I want to and expect to reach no one else standards but my own. Life isn’t guaranteed so don’t waste it doing something you don’t love, so I’ma make a change…"

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