Monday, January 23, 2012

A Fresh Start...Again

          Random fact about me, I'm a big fan of fresh starts.  So to try and change my funk around I'm starting anew. My friends have been amazing in trying to lift my spirits and get my mind off of the negative and its about time I listen to them.  To be honest I don't know if I'm ready to fully get over everything that has been going on but I got to at least try and put forth a valiant effort. 

          So today marks the start of it.  I'm doing a mind, body, and soul detox of all the negative shit in my life.  It includes...

1.  Keeping up with my workouts, which have been very relaxing mentally
2.  Drinking half my body weight in ounces of water each day to help clean out my body
3.  Taking my vitamins, to help put the good stuff back in
4.  Sticking to a good eating plan free from red meats, processed meats, and making a conscious effort to reduce and eventually eliminate ALL artificial ingredients (sugars, flavors, colors, etc)
5.  Getting on a weekly schedule and keeping productive
6.  Setting at least 2 hours every week to just sit, breathe, reflect, and think. 

          All of Saturday I spent cleaning out my apt of all the junk.  I relaxed, reorganized my room and took in where I am in life right now.  Cleaning and reorganizing are definitely stress relievers for me.  Sunday I just sat.  Nothing special just sat, watched TV and waited until I became a cursing sailor as I watched the AFC and NFC championship games.  All went well after nearly collapsing from multiple heart attacks from the close game between the Ravens and my beloved Patriots.

           But I digress.  Here is my fresh start, and here is my plan to a "Happy, Healthier, more Positive" Q  :)

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  1. yaaayyy !! I'm super excited for fresh starts too! We can keep each other happy and positive! Love you loads!