Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi My Name is Q, and I'm Addicted to...

Everyone has their weaknesses and little odd things they're addicted to.  Hear are mines :)

Chocolate:  Preferably dark, but I'll settle for all forms of it.  HGTV: and all things related to Interior Designing, I can watch it all day and night.  DIYing:  Save money, have fun, and customizable to my taste?! I'm sold.  Food: Nothing make me happier than amazing tasting food... nothing.  Football: Something about the roughness of the game.  I will always have a little weakness for those who play it.  The Sun:  I'm a living breathing Solar panel.  Nothing beats and afternoon nap in the sun.  Sleep:  I can never get enough of it.  Shoes, Bags, and Jackets:  What can I say, I'm a woman.  Gadgets:  I'm a little tech nerd.  Phones, computers, game systems, TVs, etc you name it,I always want the latest and greatest gadget because I get bored easy in this department. 

What are you addicted to?

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