Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Art of Being a Woman

          As if life wasn't hard enough already, I'm a woman.  Blessed with the ability to be amazing in every way but also cursed with wayward, unexplanatory emotions, double standards set by society, and the truth that I don't even understand myself sometimes.  The fact of the matter is that for women, life is even harder.  Its a delicate art to being a "wholesome" woman in the eyes of every person in her life and its never perfectly mastered. 

          Society tells us the "ideal" woman, should think like a man but act like a lady.  Be sassy but never bitchy.  Be caring, giving, and loyal without ever being selfish.  To her family, she has to be the emotional (and sometimes financial) support.  To her man, she has to balance perfectly the submissive, dominant, affectionate, understanding role of housewife, friend and lover.  To her friends, she has to be honest but careful and selfless even when she wants to be selfish. 

          Its all too much at times, to please everyone in the world and still get what you want and deserve.  Its impossible to do so without screwing up once in a while.  Yes, we all have the strength in us to be Superwoman, but even she needs a vacation every now and then.  A vacation from being the selfless friend/acquaintance, the understanding partner, the overworked and underpaid employee, and so on.  We can't do it all, all of the time and its ok... Its OK.

          Its ok to screw up sometimes, to explore your curiosity, to let go of what you think people may think of you, to fall in love with someone you just met.  Its your life, your mistakes, your victories, and most importantly your pursuit of your own happiness.  Know that no one's perfect and you aren't any exception. 

          There will be people who love you for your bravery, judge you for your choices, and hate you for your decisions and all you can do keep your head held high, apologize when you're wrong, try not to make the same mistakes twice, and continue to live your life the way you see fit. 

          In my ups and downs, my prideful moments and shameful ones too, I've realized that the people who were really meant to be there for you will always find their way back to you, no matter how bad you mess up.  So instead of worrying, getting upset and depressed about all the things us women worry, get upset and depressed about; stop, breath, and remember... there is no point wallowing over spilt milk so just move on knowing that you are that much wiser from the experience.  Know that being your own woman is an art that even Picasso himself couldn't master. 

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