Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will I be an Eagle?

          Alright I really should be figuring out how to import this GPS data into AutoCAD (engineer talk don't mind me), but I really am bursting at the seems right now with excitement.  I couldn't ask for things to go any better than they have recently. 

           Ever since I've moved, I've been closer to friends and family and my nights and weekends have been busy.  Workout sessions with Diva and Morley, weeknight shenanigans and girl talk with mi Latin amor Augustina, occasional partying up with the girls, Saturday morning soccer games, running around with the little man in my life, pure bliss.  But today, oh today is the icing on the cake.   

         For starters I did the math and realized the pay cut I took coming to this new job is actually 80% less than it shows on paper, all because the difference in taxes between CT and MA.  Oh how I love thee Massachusetts, let me count the ways.

         Today we launch the She's a 10! Website! Like us on Facebook, we're trying to get to 100 likes before it goes live tonight.  Do it, Do it, Do it... please? :)

         Then to top is all off, last week I got out of the blue a surprise birthday present from Boston College in the form of an acceptance letter.  Now its really late in the game to let someone know of their admittance and of course I'm not financially ready for that this fall, so after some talks with the Director, I found out today that I am able to defer until next year.  Score ::Fist Pumps::

          So here in lies the question:  Will I be an Eagle?  Will I, come Fall 2013, wear that Boston College logo both representing the Master Degree I purse and the city I call home?  If all goes well with money and aid, hopefully that answer will be yes.

::Jay-Z Voice:: Boston 'Til Die :)


  1. Hey, I liked it! Congratulations with your acceptance. You'll make the right decision :)

    1. Thank you and Thank you! Doing school and work probably full time will be a challenge but well worth it!