Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Miami Urban Weekend Survival Guide

        Let me start of by saying this Miami trip trumps last year's one by leaps and bounds.  Maybe its because I can remember all of this trip lol.  But nonetheless here is what I've learned in my escapades down in South Beach to help you survive and have a successful time...

Never Underestimate the Power of Courteousness:  Free umbrellas on the beach, free drinks and shots at restaurants were all results of just treating people well.  Our waitresses Paula and Sible MADE our trip. Treat them well and tip them well and you will be rewarded :).  NOTE: If you want to leave a very generous tip, make sure to tip them in cash, or check what the restaurants policy is on tip sharing.  You don't wanna leave a hefty amount that they will only see 30% of.
Excessive Liquor and Intense Sun do not Mix:  There will be drinking and sun...LOTS of it.  But be forewarned they do not mix.  You will be left exhausted and sickly, neither of which you want to be on vacation.  To avoid combining the two like I did, either stay in the shade if you decide to drink, or not drink and be free to soak up the sun like a little solar panel.
Woman Down!:  If by chance you find yourself face down on the pavement because your heel got caught in a crack, simply play it off as if you were drunk (even though you were as sober as a nun).  Chances are people think you are toasted either way.
First AID: If you cut yourself (as a result of falling on pavement or by other means) and don't have any antiseptic, use plain old non-flavored vodka.  Works like a charm.
8 Girls, 1 Condo:  Ever put 8 women in one small condo for 6 days? Yea me neither, until this trip.  There will be arguments and it will get messy (literally).  Best advice? Pick and choose your battles and don't take anything too personal because chances are everyone will love each other again in the morning.

Judgement Free Zone:  While in Miami during Urban Weekend, you will see some things that no human being should see (ratchedness is ramped at this time). But bare in mind that 90% of the people here are there for an escape from there own realities so let loose and be free.  Take this opportunity to do things you wouldn't normally do, talk to people you would usually be too shy to approach, and wear all the things you never imagined wearing outside the comforts of your own bedroom.  I promise you if you do this you will have a ball, plus you never know what or whom may come of it ;)


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