Friday, July 6, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Fridays

1.  Lolita's Cocina & Tequila Bar
Good atmosphere, even better food and drinks. While the main menu is on the pricier side, they do give you plenty of freebies. To start off, a shaven ice topped off with a shot of tequila, a massive bowl of tortilla chips (which tasted quite similar to Chipotle's...yum) accompanied with 4 different types of salsa and with the check a massive helping of cotton candy with a sprinkle of pop rocks on top.  I bought the cornbread (best I ever had) and a white sangria. Needless to say I LOVE this spot.

2.  Pixar Does It Again
I took my sis and little cousin to see Brave this past weekend and I was impressed.  On the scarier side for the little ones but definately a must see.  Pixar you haven't let me down yet.

3.  Baby You're A Firework! 
Ok I couldn't resist quoting the song but nothing beats family traditions being carried out for the 4th.  Up to Maine, cookout complete with a birthday cake from Party Favors, our annual trip to our favorite gift shop to buy our Root Candles and ending our night with Fireworks on Ogunquit Beach.  Oh how I love the holidays  

4.  Late Night's and Baking
So what if its 85 degrees outside and 11pm on a Monday night?  That didn't stop me from baking up a storm.  From scratch my Crack Brownies were whipped up and with the left over cookie dough some Chocochip Surprise Cupcakes were made.  All ideas compliments of Pintrest. 

5.  Nail Color
I need to find this.  Ulta here I come!

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th!


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