Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And So it Begins...

 I can’t see through the tears streaming from my eyes.  Is this what I waited all those years for?  A miserable job in a profession I just stumbled into? A relationship strained and cracking at the seams because it doesn’t look like it can hold the weight of a long distance relationship? Sitting alone with my dog in a great apartment with no one to share with.  Was it all worth it?
                                                                                                -8/8/2011 A Bad Day
And so begins my journey as a blogger.  It all started with this excerpt where I decided to type what I was feeling on the computer instead of writing it in my journal.  I don’t know what possessed me to do it, maybe because my computer was the closest thing to me at the time that big wave of emotion came over me or because I didn’t feel like finding a pen.  But whatever the reason was, it got me thinking…why not?  It’s not really convenient to bring my journal to work with me, at the risk of someone finding the small out-of-place brown journal and reading its very riske and deeply private contents.  Not only that, but electronically I can write anywhere and access it wherever I might be without the worry of someone finding my open book.  No, my book, my journal, my LIFE, well at least on paper, will be confined to the bookshelf in my apartment away from prying eyes. 
So I will take my life to the electronic pages of my keyboard and begin my journey as a blogger, in hopes that I can spread a little piece of me and all that I go through for those who chose to read so that you can take a look at how my life is through my eyes.   From my daily life lessons, my love of food and my battle to sustain it along with my goal healthy weight, all the way to my complicated love-hate relationships with my friends, family, and hair I invite you to see A Daily Piece of Me.    

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