Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Damn You Emotions

"Control your emotion, or it will control you"
          You ever wonder if that someone is thinking about you and wanting to see you as much as you are about them?  Ever wonder if their feelings are as deep yours?  Well I do, I think most women do when they truly care about someone.  But I wish I didn't.  Life would be soooo much easier if we thought and had the emotional capacity of men.  I'm no man but I don't think they think about these things as much as us woman do.  Probably why guys seem so nonchalant and woman so emotionally high strung in a relationship. 
          Someone once told me that women don't love harder than men, but differently.  I don't know if that's necessarily true but everyone has their own opinions.  I believe that we fall faster in the sense that whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, we know earlier if what we feel is real or we're just amusing and occupying our time until the real thing comes along.  But if you start playing Beyonce's "1+1" on repeat, and that person has you reconsidering things you thought you'd never do before you met them, its probably a sign that its the real thing.


          When in a relationship, keep your emotions in check. A lot easier said than done for females but its better to seem casual and calm about the relationship than to seem overly invested, even if its how you really feel.  Weird right? They say the best relationships are built on trust and truthfulness.  Trust, definitely, but truthfulness, well I think that's half true.  Why, because if you are completely open and honest with someone, there is nothing left to the imagination and you leave yourself completely out there.  Times like these I wish you could read minds because if you know your on the same page, you have nothing to be afraid of, its just the opposite that leaves you in question...

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  1. this my dear Tay is exactly how im feeling... you spoke to me today... even worse is when you start off both vividly expressing your emotions and some where later in time you are the only one who seems to still be expressing those strong emotions..