Friday, August 26, 2011

Money, Money, Everwhere But Not a Drop to Spare

"Money often costs too much"
                                                                                                 -Ralph Waldo Emerson

          What would you (or won't) do to have a few more dollars in your pocket?  Today's payday and it got me thinking about all the money that I just got and all the money I'm about to see gone just as quickly as I got it.  Sometimes I seriously thought if I had the body that stripping wouldn't be so bad.  They make a lot of money and its a hell of a workout, but I could never be one reguardless if I had the body or not because I can't stand people touching me.  Anyways, I digress; money.  Its what we all want more than anything in the world because its a means of achieveing happiness.  Whoever said money can't buy happiness was on crack, wait no strike that because even junkies need money to buy their happiness.  Point is, money helps you attain the very things that makes you happy.  For me its having a nice home, for some its having a nice car.  But for the average working person after you get taxed half of your earnings then pay your rent, cable, gas, electricity, health, car note, insurance, and school loan bills, the little bit left, you have to find a way to put a little into savings.  And maybe when its all said and done you'll have two pennies left to rub together and buy food with.

          Its the viscious American lifestyle.  You take out money to make money in order to just give it right back.  I have come to the realization that for the rest of my life I will probably live in debt to someone,  because if its not a school loan, its a car loan, and if its not a car loan its a home loan, you get my point? So...


          Don't stress about the debt, just live life and do the best you can to pay it back or avoid it altogther.  This lesson should not be taken lightly or to litteral.  Debt in some cases is unavoidable.  For example,  I didn't have $80,000 justing sitting in my closet to spend on a good college, of course I could have went to a cheaper school but odds are I would still be looking for a job with a major that no one knows what to do with (i.e English).  Case and point I had to take out loans to get a job so I shouldn't stress about it because if I hadn't taken the money I'd probably be stressing out about not having a job at all.  I mean according to the Mayans we'll all be gone next December so why not live it up while you still can?  Well in case they are wrong about the ending of the world (which I half believe) I'll do my best to maintain a decent liefstyle for my budget so I won't end up homeless due to bad credit or in jail because I though I could cheat Uncle Sam.  After all like Wiz Khalifa said in "When I'm Gone" I mind as well spend it now because I can't when I'm dead and right now this is what I'll be spending :)

          Oh I should let you know that these lessons and blog aren't for you.  Of course if you learn somthing from them great, I'm glad I helped, but there for me.  Yes I phrase them so that it sounds like I'm giving advise and that's only because I'm giving advice to myself.  That way when I'm bored or wondering about something I can look back and learn something from me.  Its very theraputic putting your thoughts and feelings down, makes you feel like your not alone in your personal struggles and opinions.  Try it, it might help you too. 

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