Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Morning Monday: Remnants from an Inspiring Weekend

          Usually I dread Mondays, but this weekend was filled with inspiration for my personal life, career, blog, and weight loss (even though I slacked) and that inspiration has carried over into today.  I've been super productive since Friday and I feel like it will only continue to last all week long. 

          Friday I started adding completion dates to my ever changing To Do list and have actually been following through with the timelines.  I finished painting and refinishing my cabinets (details to come later this week), cleaned and unpacked nearly everything in my apartment (minus a few decorative items) and think I finally came to a decision on where my boyfriend and I will vacation.  Get ready...


          I know I am mad excited for many reasons.  1: I've never been and I really want to try their famous deep dish pizzas (I know, my inner fat girl will have a field day which is not good for my weight loss but you only live once) 2: I'm dying to get a break from my boring job and 3: this will be my first vacation with the Mr and I can't wait :). 

          Saturday night, one of my mentors from college came down to visit me.  We went out for coffee and I picked her brain about her thoughts about me going to grad school for higher ed.  She told me about her story about how she got to where she is now and needless to say I was inspired and got the reassurance I needed to make the next big step in my life.  Its always refreshing to have support from the people who you value in your life.  But the inspiration for my career change it didn't stop there. 

          Sunday, I went to help out with some admission work for my Alma mater in CT.  It was nice to meet up with the interns and staff I used to work with and even better getting their enthusiasm and support for my decision.  One of the newer staff I worked with over the summer was an Mechanical Engineer Alum from WPI and has been working in higher ed for a number of years and to hear her story on why she switched careers and the few students she worked with that also made the change from engineering to Student Affairs gave me comfort to know that I wasn't alone. 

          But just in general this weekend was good.  I went out with my roommate Saturday night for her friend's birthday and it was fun.  It was cool to meet new people and get out of the house every now and then, but this very thirsty man trying to dance with me all night who wouldn't get the hint did remind me of why I don't go out to clubs that often.  I have a whole theory on that and more which will come later. 

          Until then I will leave you with the...


Get inspired.  It just might be the fuel you need to put your plans and goals in motion.

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