Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Call Me Ms. DIM (Do-It-Myself)

          So like I mentioned before I refinished my kitchen cabinets.  I'm a bit of a HGTV freak and love decorating and redecorating my place.  So when I moved into my new apartment and saw the hideously dated wood trimmed laminant cabinets (pictured below), I had to do something about it.  I can't have my place looking like a snapshop from the 70s. 

          That is when I started my research on painting my cabinets.  I found this great stuff for painting laminate ones called Cabinet Rescue that worked really well.  This is what it looked like over the course of a week...


          With the help of my handy dandy tool bag, new drill, and countless trips to Lowes, I transformed those bad boys in this...

          Don't mind the missing cabinet, I still have some touching up to do.  But needless to say I am PROUD of myself.  Since starting to have to pay my school loans back I've turned into bit of a frugal fanny.  My new commitment to myself is to never pay full price where it can be avoided.  Part of staying true to that is learning how to DIM (Do-It-Myself). 

          Some of the things I've mastered include doing my eyebrows and nails so the only time I go to the salon is to be pampered once in a blue moon or for vacations.  Another I'm working on is learning to do my own hair.  For the first time since I've been natural, I have washed my own hair,the first giant step in weining myself from needing to go to the hair dressers.  Next up on my list fine tuning my gourmet cooking skills and with a kitchen like this I think (minus the outdated appliances) I think I'll start here :).

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