Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Motivation... Competition

          What's your motivation?  Some find it in the form of support, but me, I find it in the form of competition.  Once that word is mentioned, my game face is on.  What makes it a competition for me is the reward that is at stake.  Whether it is money, bragging rights, or proving the doubters that I can and will win, all get me that motivation I need and want to succeed.  So in my journey to lose the weight I gained from my graduation and birthday celebrations and finally achieve my dream weight of 130Ibs, my main weapon will be competition. 

          I need to surround myself with it, eat, breath, and go to sleep with it only to wake up with it still on my mind.  Motivation, its what I need to achieve my goals, and I will achieve it all through competition.

          I know what you might be thinking, too much competition can turn a person into a compulsive competitor, but when I think of competition its more of a mental game I play with myself.  For example, whenever I see a Beyonce music video I think to myself "I want a body like that" and turns into me trying to prove to myself that I can have what I want.  In my mind I try to out do Beyonce (I know it will never actually happen but its a good mental motivator.  Or when I watch I Used to be Fat  I see that they can do it, so it becomes a competition with myself to prove I can do it just the same. 


          You know the saying "You are your worst critic" well in this case I will say "You are your best competition."  If you can beat yourself then you've won in more ways than one.

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