Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halfway to Happiness

          Seems like its been a while since I posted, with actually having some stuff to at work (still not much but its an upgrade from nothing) and with moving, getting sick and trying to make some of my goals a reality, it seems life has started to pick up :). 

          While I am no where near where I want to be, I am a far cry from the dark, depressing place I was just a month ago.  With the new move, I now have money to do the things I want to do and with a new roommate, I have awoken my social life from the dead.  I feel like this move, and being in an amazing state of mind with my boyfriend has given me the boost of enthusiasm I needed to go after the main gaping hole in my life which is keeping me from full achieving my happiness... my career choice. 

          Last week I went to an amazing conference for professionals in Student Affairs.  It was so refreshing 1: being around people who actually enjoyed what they did and 2: actually being excited about what I was learning and could potentially be doing.  I met a few contacts that are already helping me get into grad school and secure an assitantship so I won't have to pay for it.  The only draw back to it all is the pay cut I will have to take, but you can't have it all, all the time.

          It all comes down to a decision that we all have to make, do you do something for the love of it, or for the love of money?  In my case, I'm doing engineering for the love of money; Higher Ed, I will do for the love of it.


          What I am finding out is that you can't have everything you want, right away.  In your career, your relationships, and in your life altogether happiness and true gratification take time.  You can't jump right into a job and expect to love what you do and make the money you dream of making right off the bat.  Most likely in the beginning it will be either or.  In relationships, you can't expect that the other person will be and do everything you wanted automatically.  You have to let them know what you want and expect and learn what they want and expect in return and that takes a lot of time and patience on both ends.  But I believe that if you can bear to wait (I know its hard to do, coming from a person who wants everything now) everything will fall into its place.

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