Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The City of Angles and the Lone Star State

          So what did I learn you might ask on my travels to the west and south? Well in Los Angeles I learned that the west coast as far as southern California goes, is a little bit overrated. Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless people and the place isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be on TV. Now I might be biased because I didn't make my way to either one of the amusement parks (Disneyland and Universal Studios) I intend to go to, but I imagine if I had, it would have brightened my outlook on the trip a bit. But one thing I absolutely enjoyed aside from Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles was the Santa Monica Pier. While it wasn't sunny or warm enough to fully enjoy the beach the view from atop of the Ferris wheel as amazing. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

          Now would I go back to LA?  Ah maybe, maybe not.  I guess it would depend on the people I went with it. The club scene I must add was much better than what I experience in Boston, Worcester, and maybe even Providence. $20 will get you a huge venue inside and out, free strawberries (I know I'm a food addict), and decent priced drinks.

          As for Texas, well what they say is right, everything is bigger in Texas. It seems like everyone and their grandma (literally) drives a monster sized truck. The airport was huge and so was this one church I passed on my way to the hotel.  It was legit the size of Gillette stadium. Though aside from my ride to the hotel and the airport I didn't get to see much of Dallas. The trip was for a work training so I really only saw the inside of the hotel and the airport because getting anywhere in the evening was impossible unless you wanted to pay $100+ to get Fort Worth or Dallas. Everything was so spread out, so it took at least 30 min to get anywhere worth going.

          I'll have to go back and actually explore the city. But either way I had to pick up a souvenir from the airport so I though a Texas longhorns hoodie would do :). As for LA, my souvenir of choice was a cute Hollywood tea mug that came complete with a spoon. 

          Well that will be all the new places I explore for a while (trying to pay off some debt and replenish my savings accounts) but my next trip is my annual one down in the dirty south to ATL.  Best friends graduation in December so I have to be there.  Maybe this time I will actually go out clubbing :).

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