Saturday, November 26, 2011

"5 Easy Ways to Stay Happier"- MSN Article

          Good Monday!  I know its Monday, not much "good" about it, but I'm forcing myself to see the positive in things, subsequently putting myself in a better mood.  But in all honestly it wasn't that hard today because it is actually a good Monday.  The Thanksgiving break was good to me in more ways than one, and I came into work productive with positive thoughts and memories of the well deserved holiday.  I'll tell you more about it later , but today I wanted to share with you an article I came across on MSN.  You can find it here, but essentially it went over "5 Easy Ways to Stay Happier."

1.  "Good Sleep: Research shows that people who go without enough good sleep (at least six hours a night) are up to six times as likely to become depressed as those who get good sleep."

          Makes sense.  I can't tell you how good I feel when I get the right amount of sleep.  If I get too much I'm exhausted, too little, the same but just enough I'm golden.  I should probably work on it because with a steady job and schedule this shouldn't be hard to do.

2.  Good Sex: In short, sex releases feel good chemicals in your brain that temporarily relieves stress or anxiety obviously because it make you feel good.  When in a relationship, sex is easy to come by, but the challenge is to make them great so you can maximize off of those feel good chemicals. 

3.  Good Exercise:  They say aerobic exercise is the best but its similar to sex in which exercising releases feel good chemicals in your body.  They actually mention how depression can actually be treated with an exercise regimen of three thirty-minute sessions per week of aerobic exercise at 60 to 80 percent of maximum heart rate for at least eight weeks.  Guess I better keep up with my morning runs.

4.  Good Food:  They list a number of foods that are good for your brain and body, but my interpretation of it is delicious healthy food = pure bliss that lasts long after the meal does.  Its one thing to have orgasmic food like Waffle House or Popeyes in my case, but once that delicious comatose feeling subsides, if the food is unhealthy you feel like a load of crap after (kind of how I felt on Thanksgiving).  BUT if its healthy food, you get that same deliousness without feeling like you are going to die of a heart attack later and that is happiness at its finest for a food lover.

5.  "Alcohol: Take it easy and limit it to the standard two drinks a day."

          I don't neccesarily agree with this or the "standard" 2 drinks a day.  You can find and stay happy without the aid of any alcohol.  In my option a nice glass of wine or other mildly mixed drink with a good meal is definaelty a soothing thing that can ease your stress but if your idea is 2 shots a day, then you may be taking this article too litterally and need to look elsewhere for your happiness.   

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