Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Retail Therapy

          Happy Tuesday Everyone.  Yea I know its Tuesday, but look at it like this, its only 3 days from the weekend...Superbowl weekend I might add :).  But anyways this past Friday I finally got my Huetiful Hair Steamer in the mail! (review coming soon..) and did some serious retail therapy.  Unfortunately since I've been in CT, whenever I'm bored I go poke around the mall and that usually ends in a dent in my bank account :/.

          So when I went to Brass Mills Shopping Center this week, it was no different.  Even though I didn't need any shea butter, I couldn't turn down the little Indian man's offer of $7 for a 16 oz tub (normally I would get a tiny little 4oz jar from Whole foods for the same price).  Anywho, I then made my way to H&M where I did some serious damage but luckily got a lot of stuff for cheap.  Frugalista at her best :)

          If your wondering how the shirt was free, they had a bogo deal on clearence items so when I bought the shoes I got the shirt free AND because my purchase was over $70, I got After H&M, I began my search to find a Patriots hoodie or Superbowl weekend.  Unfortunately CT thinks they are NY so there were only Giants stuff to be found.  I had to resort to getting one custom made at a little booth at another mall after searching every sporting good store in what felt like the entire state.  I actually really like it though :). 

          After my therapy session, my roommate and I hit the town and went to Hartford for the first time.  Great night filled with great new people and a perfect end to what was a very boring but opportunity filled week.  I ended the weekend off by going to Church.  It was my first time at a church outside of my family's and it was an experience, a good one though. 

          Maybe CT isn't as bad as I initially thought...


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