Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up Cuz' Its the First of the Month

          Ahhh, February 1st.  A fresh new month filled with tons of possibilities.  I like to start off the month by cleaning out my phone, email, and apartment of all the stuff that's clogging my productivity.  I make a new set of goals and clean out my to do list from last month and probably my favorite part in it all and starting fresh on my financial spending.  It sucks looking back at all the things I spent money on that I could have avoided but the new month brings new hopes.

          In the spirit of new beginnings, I even tried a new style on my hair.  Having thick unruly natural hair often proves difficult to have neat tamed styles like a simple bun, which is why I never usually attempt them but armed with a fresh twist out, banana clip, bobby pins, and some advice from one of my new favorite bloggers lykelambswool I tamed that bad boy into the meanest looking bun I ever seen. 

            So proud of myself :)! So with all this positivity I will leave you with my lesson of the day (I know its been a while).


Everyday is a chance to start anew, don't let yesterday's worries prevent you from accomplishing today's goals.  

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