Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

Keep it together.  Don't flip out.  You have responsibilities to take care of.  This is only temporary. This is only temporary...

          These are the words I chant in my head everyday at work.  To put it simply this isn't the field for me.  I tell myself all the time that maybe its just a bad experience with this project, but in the end I get no sense of fulfillment from what I do and to be honest can't see me ever receiving it by staying here.

Think positive.  Be positive.  This too shall pass...

          But it won't pass on its own.  I am making a goal this week that I will apply to at least one new position each day outside of this field and into one that I actually would enjoy.  I'll keep you updated.

          Though in spite of everything going on in my life, this weekend was much needed.  A mini vaca filled with lots of adventures, venting, some secret cries, and plenty of poor eating.  I'll share more tomorrow.  But before I go a quick...


Stay positive because this too shall pass.  But until it does, keep your head up and "take it like a champ."  :)

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