Monday, January 9, 2012

A Weekend of Calm

          Introducing two new labels "Weekend Run-Down" and "Recipe of the Week".  The first label will be dedicated to all my exciting (and not so exciting) weekend escapades.  An ode to my weekend if you will.  As you might notice I do most of my writing during the week so this will be to fill in those gaps.  The second label is for my new pursuit of making a new legit home cooked meal every week.  My aim is to cook on Sunday so I have actual food for the week and not just some hot dogs and beans I warmed up.

          So to get into it, this weekend was real low key.  I wanted to go out and do something to get my mind off of things but unfortunately my roomie went to NY and I gave into the temptation from my bed and the back of my eyelids. 

          Friday was filled with some grocery shopping at Walmart (supercenter) where I discovered how amazing their price match guarantee is.  In my weekly flyer hunting I saw a few things cheaper at other stores but I like my one stop shopping at Walmart so I decided to give it a go and see if they would match the prices on some produce without the flyer and they did.  BAM! Frugalista at her best :).  Any who I decided to treat myself to some new nail colors when I saw that they had some new O.P.I colors.  Unfortunately they were from the Kardashian's new line and as much as I don't like to contribute to their empire, I liked the colors more.

          I wound down the night withsome baking and pampering, eyebrows, nails and facial included (all done myself).  Saturday I lounged and watch Boy Meets World (one of my favorite shows).  No coincidence that the episodes were all pertaining to my current situation which made me feel a lot better... NOT.  So I finally got off my ass and went to visit my friends for a much needed girls night which was kinda of a fail because we all fell asleep.  Nonetheless it was nice to get out and chill with the girls. 

         Sunday was pretty much filled with the same chillness but I finally started by resolution of making a new meal every week.  On the menu this week, a Weight Watchers recipe of Chicken and Shrimp gumbo. Hmmmm :).

          So to end off a much needed calm weekend, dinner and a movie with the softest blanket known to man.

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