Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diary of an "Ingredient Junkie"

Missing a few items, but you get the idea
          No I am not a Product Junkie, I swear.  Well, maybe a better phrase would be "Ingredient Junkie" because I am addicted to making mostly all my products myself.  Body butter, daily hair moisturisers, pomade, conditioner, hair wash, etc. You name it, I have or intend to make it. 

          You might wonder why would I want to go through all the trouble of making my own goods when the market is FULL of great buys?  Well for one, I find it fun.  A true DIYer to the core.  Secondly, I am a hardcore environmentalist at heart so I want any and everything that goes on my body to be natural and good for the environment.  So what better way to ensure that than to make the stuff myself! Thirdly, aside from the upfront cost of buying all your ingredients, its cheaper than buying premade products, especially if you buy them from an online discount store like VitaCost

          Now don't get me wrong, there are some things I prefer buying pre-made, like my facial products, deodorant, and body wash but even these things I make an effort to make sure they're eco-friendly.  The Body Shop is my go to store for those eco friendly smell good body washes and lotions (for those special occasions :J ).

New Body Wash Line from The Body Shop I'm Trying
           I can honestly say that my hair and body love the stuff I make the same, if not more than the stuff I buy (like my shea butter body butter for my super dry skin).  I believe its mainly because your body responds to natural ingredients best. 

Shea Butter Body Butter
          So if this inspired the hidden mixtress in you great! Or if it spoke to the environmentalist tucked away inside you, even better!  I love to inspire others with my own experiences.  After all is was Naptural85 who inspired me!

Happy Mixing!

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