Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Note To Self

          I know I've neglected posting but LIFE has been calling and that is the reason I blog in the first place.  But any who, here are just a few things I have to remind myself on a daily basis...

  1. "A little goes a long way".  Don't use more than you need to and don't buy more than you have to. 
  2. Never pay full price for something, unless its for a good cause.  Chances are somewhere out there you can get it cheaper.
  3. Think BEFORE you buy.  Brand names aren't everything.  Do you really need another Coach bag Q?
  4. Be happy with what you have.  There are people out there wishing they had just a fraction of what you do.
  1. You'll regret not going to the gym but you'll never regret going to the gym.
  2. Exercise, its the best stress reliever.
  3. Want to feel accomplished? Work out and stick your health plan.
  4. That piece of chocolate only has a feel good rating of 10 seconds before you feel like crap for eating it in the first place.
  1. Let him have his space. You can't make someone forgive you until they're ready to.
  2. Trust that if its meant to be, it will be.
  3. After you're done crying, smile at the times you had together.
  4. No matter how amazing he is, you can't expect him to be the only reason you smile if you can't make your own self happy.  Work on yourself and everything else will start to fall in place.
  1. Don't backtrack in life unless whatever it is is absolutely worth it.  You can't move forward if you're still focused on what's behind you. 
  2. Things worth having are worth taking the time.
  3. Make a difference and do something greater than yourself.
  4. On days when you're feeling like nothing can get worse or you're thinking "God, why me?"  Watch this video and count your blessings.
  5. One person can make a difference with the help of others.  #kony2012

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