Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Fridays

          Alright everyone so this What I'm Lovin' Friday is all about the DIY.  The first thing that goes through my mind when I see something I like is "how much does it cost" and "can I make a better cheaper version myself"?  So this is a little ode to my inner DIYer :)

1.  Agenda Book:  
My latest obsession is the Erin Codren Life Planner (Thanks Shannon lol). I went back and forth on dropping $50 on it or just make one myself, so much so that my lovely buisness partner and friend, Yetti just bought it for me to shut me up.  But in the process of my debate I came across ihanna's lovely tutorial of how to make your own custom agenda for what would be a fraction of the cost. 
My DIY Planner

2.  Chain Hair Acessory:
Make it with chains, beads, pearls, whatever!  This is up next on my project list.

3.  Hot Pot Mat:
From kraftcuriosities.  Once get back on my wine game I'll have enought to make one...or two :)

4.  My College T-Shirt Quilt:
Made this myself thanks to the 4 years of shirts (still not all pictured here) my college gave me.

5.  Seal and Pendents:
From truebluemeandyou tumblr.  I'm sooo going to attemp both.

What are your favorite DIY Projects?

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