Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Back...Again

          Sorry I've been MIA.  Lots of stuff went down over the past week or so and I needed to take a little me time to attempt to figure some stuff out.  There is much to tell but its been a while since I've been this happy with life aside for one certain thing but I've come to realize you can't have everything your way (sorry, but Burger King lied).  However, you can focus on the things that are going right, let those blessings uplift you, and pray that in time everything else will fall into the place you hoped it would. 

            I'll update you on the status of my life, She's A 10!, and other such things later, but now I would like to just take a moment to relish in the fact that tomorrow marks the beginning of the best month of the year.  That's right people May is upon us.  The month for Grads, Mom's, the start of beautiful weather, holidays and most importantly ME!  Yes it is my birthday month, and I'll be celebrating this weekend and all month long with the people that are closest to my heart.  To all my May babies, happy soon to be Birthday!

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