Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Big Salon Disappointment...

          Yes Ladies, I went to the hair salon this past weekend ::gasp::.  I know its been close to a year now since I stepped foot in such a place and that was to get a press and curl from the best dresser I know to lay hands on a flat iron.  However, she is also one of the very scissor happy ones which is why I've been MIA from the place.  Length retention and avoiding heat damage were not goals that would have been accomplished had I kept seeing her.  But anyway, I decided that I needed a change.  To me nothing signifies a fresh start to new better things like changing your hair in some drastic way.  So I decided I wanted to be a red head. Peep the color I wanted below.
          So I took my butt down to my childhood hair dresser who did my color a few years back and told her to paint me RED.  Now I don't know if the message got through to her or her mind was elsewhere but she had to leave for her son's graduation mid way and left me in the hands of an amateur.  Not only did the color turn out to be more copper than anything but I also left the Salon with half the hair I came in with.
Kind of similar to my previous color back in 2009 huh?
         Now in the mere 6 months that I have took my hair into my own hands, I have learned VOLUMES on the do's and don't of my natural hair.  One of the most important ones being patience is KEY in detangling.  Obviously the amateur that was charged with the task of detangling and flat twisting my hair thought opposite.  She would rake a comb as fast as she possibly could through my hair, seeming to rip and break every single strand on my head.  It took everything in me not to snatch that comb out her hand and rip her hair out with it.  Did I mention she had the nerve to ask me "when's the last trim I had?"  I just did one and no thanks to your ignorant ass I will need to do another one since you shredded my poor hair with your damn comb!

          Needless to say I was not a happy camper.  This is my second color nightmare came true and now I'm left sad and hopeless.  If anyone knows a good colorist that can color natural black hair without the use of bleach in the New England area, PLEASE let me know.  I'm willing to travel :)

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