Friday, June 15, 2012

100th Post! What I'm Lovin' Fridays

           Yes that is right people its my 100th Post!  I'm super excited :D.  I wanted to do something big and special like a giveaway or something,but due to poor planning on my behalf, I'll have to hold off on that.  So instead I thought today's "What I'm Lovin' Friday" will be dedicated to the my most notable (at leats in my eyes) posts thus far.  Enjoy!

1.  Where My DIY Obsession Began...
Check out Just Call Me Ms DIM (Do-it-Myself) back in October.  This is where I discovered with the right research, patience, and tools I can pretty much to anything myself.

2.  Taking on the Locs...All By Myself!
In I Did It! (My Hair That Is) I finally conquered doing my hair in its natural state by myself.  HUGE accomplishment for someone who couldn't even wash her own natural hair without breaking into tears of frustration. 

3.  Goin' Goin' Back Back to Mass Mass
Yes goodbye CT hello again to Massachusetts in Another Year Older, Another Year Better.  While I love being close to family and friends I think may finally be ready to leave the nest...details coming soon! 

4.  Grad School Here I Come
I know you're probably tired of hearing about me going back to school, but its a big accomplishment for me which is why Will I Be an Eagle? deserves to be in my 100th post.  So stuck it up :)

5.  Favorites Pics
So its only right that I end this with my favorite pics from my blog, the ones that would show up anyway :(.
SA10! Photo shoot

MY DIY Birthday Shoes

The Sleeping Beauty



Words to Live by

The Start of Something Great February 2012

Birthday Weekend 2012

Miami 2012

Thank you all for reading!  Here's to the next 100 :)

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