Friday, July 20, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Fridays

1.  Mmmm Chocolate
I finally went to Max Brenner's and man was I in chocolate heaven.  Pricey, yes but I'll pay anything for chocolate :)

2.  Circle Scarf
Thanks to Shannon, ever since I found out that the circle scarfs can virtually turn into a blanket I've wanted one.  I've put it on the back burner due to the heat waves we've been having but I recently saw a pin that made me want to purchase
3.  My Lip Stain is Poppin'...
So randomly I had this dream about a purplish lipgloss I had found in Sephora.  Sure enough the next day I went in and found it.  Loooove it!
4.  Wegmans
So I went to the new Wegmans that opened up in my area and I must say at first I was overwhelmed but after letting it marinate, I realized I could get used to this cheaper "Whole Foods" alternative.  Still not as cheap as my Market Basket but I'll defiantly be treating myself to it every now and then. 

5.  Makeover!
Alright I really do have ADD when it comes to styling my place.  I'm already getting the itch to redecorate and I've only lived there for 3 months.  In one of my pinning fits, I came across this gem that I actually might use in my tiny space deprived studio.

What Are You Lovin' Today?

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