Friday, August 3, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Fridays

1.  That Gold Looks Good On You Girl!
Pardon me as I hop on the topic of the week, the 2012 London Olympics.  Might I just say Gabby Douglas did the damn thing and all haters to her and Michael Phelps can go kick rocks with open toe shoes on.  16 with 2 Gold medals and 27 with 20?! I suggest all those who have something negative to say, shut the hell up until you can surpass their success.

2.  Surprise! They're Gone :(
Last Friday I threw together a surprise going away party for my two Friends Shanice and Morley.  One off to Texas the other to Cali.  It was a great night with tasty food and good company.  I'll surely miss them.

3.  Cuddle Theater
I found this gem on Pintrest and let me tell you if they had a theater like this I'd never leave.  They should have design the new "Lux Levels" like this, maybe then $22 would seem more reasonable to see the same movie. 

4.  Lance "Yummmmmmm"
So I sorta kinda have a MAJOR crush on Lance Gross.  Like this man is beyond gorgeous.  Don't judge me, there are only 2 men in the wold thus far that I would forget all my morals for and that is him and Rodney Harrison. 

5.  A Brief Message to Bose
To my one and only favorite speaker company,  I'm tired of having to leave my phone plugged into your sound system that can only fully be heard from one room.  So, if you could kindly make these bluetooth speakers so I can have surround sound throughout my place while still being able to use my phone where and when I want to, I will love you forever and kindly pay the obscene amount of money that you would charge for them.  Love your biggest fan, Q.

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  1. YYYYeeeeesssss to Lance Gross! Lol! He is one sexy man!