Friday, August 10, 2012

Afraid to...

          I consider myself a tough cookie, with my head screwed on tight and feet planted firmly on the ground. I'm not phased by others thoughts and I welcome blunt honesty with open arms.  I live in my own little world and I'm quite proud of who I am and how I've turned out.  For this I have my life experiences from different situations and people to thank.

But I can't deny, I'm afraid...
I'm afraid of letting my guard down because building it up was how I learned to deal with life's harsh realities.
I'm afraid of caring too much about a person because I know how heartbreaking being let down can be.
I'm afraid of doing too much in terms of relationships because I never want to be that annoying girl that doesn't get the hint. 

          I really want to give the rabid doberman pincher's protecting my heart and soul a break and just be the female I am.  Independent but needy at times. Understanding though unreasonable every now and then. And strong but allowed to be weak once in while.  I just want to just be the unadulterated uncensored, unedited me with someone who gets that and won't abandon me for it. 

Is that too much to ask?

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