Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Thursday!

          So I woke up today feeling better than usual, still not where I want to be emotionally and mentally, but definitely a step up from where I've been.  I think its attributed to ending my convo with my man on a positive note and having a lot of things in motion that I want to change. 

          For starters, I found a new place that I really like that will help me save the money I want to without giving up too much on my wish list.  And to help, I have made the decision that if I get the place I will be getting a roommate.  2 bedroom 2 bath condo, why not?  Not something I thought I was gonna go for but getting one would help me save more and get rid of the sting of loneliness by having someone around.  I mean chances are whoever I find I won't wind up being my best friend, but I'm open to the possibility and kinda hoping that it plays out that way.  I didn't really finalize that decision until I found though.  Its like facebook for finding roommates, so its not like I'm searching creepy ass craigslist for someone I am planning to share my home with.  Anyways we'll see how it all pans out.  Everything looks good, just hoping someone doesn't snag it from me while I wait to hear back from my current landlord.

          Then to relieve my social isolation from people my age, I've become real good friends with my neighbor two doors down.  We actually have a LOT in common in terms of moving here and not knowing anyone and not really enjoying where we wound up in our jobs.  Real chill guy.  Today is Thursday funday in which we will indulge in a little pre-weekend celebration with some drinks.  Then tomorrow another trip back to the woo to enjoy some barhoping with a few friends for a birthday celebration. 

           And THEN, I hopped on the scale this morning to notice I droped 1 Ib in 3 days.  Been keeping track of what I've been eating and writing it all down and its been paying off.  At this rate I'll reach my goal weight in half the time I slated for myself. Go me!

          Needless to say the week is looking up as it winds down :)

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