Thursday, September 8, 2011


          Nothing like finally having peace after a migraine.  Those who get them frequently know what I'm talking about.  There's no better calm then when it finally goes away, all thanks to a dark room, no sound and my best friend Excedrin Migraine, I swear by that pill.  But anyways its Thursday and only one more day until the weekend.  This weekend I'll finally have some money to do something so trust and believe I'm going to find SOMETHING to do.  But I came across something yesterday that got me thinking about finding stuff to do with people and it got me thinking more specifically about invitations and the whole notion behind giving and receiving them.

          Everyone wants an invitation, even if they had no intentions on going to the event.  Getting one just lets you know that you were thought of, even if the person was just being courteous.  Giving invitations should just simply mean that the person who is hosting the event wants you to be there.  Nowadays its more political than that. 

          When I invite people somewhere I first think of people I'm cool with and want to be there. From there I think who else do I know who would want to be invited.  Once I have a giant pool of people I start to weed them out.  Obviously not everyone is invited, and for those who weren't these are usually my reasons.  Some weren't because it was for a specific group of my friends and I didn't want them to feel left out.  Others weren't because even though they would have known and been cool with everyone there, I felt they would have been bored with the group and therefor not worth their while to come.  And then there were some whom I just didn't feel like being around.

          Whatever the case maybe, not getting an invitation hurts.  Whether its in the from of an acquaintance or a best friend, you want to know that you were at least worth the thought of inviting, but its a very hypocritical process.  Why? Well because as the inviter, you invite whomever you want, and those who didn't make the cut shouldn't take it so personal. BUT if that where you on the opposite end you'd probably feel just as hurt as they did.  As the person not invited you can't see the reasons why you weren't invited because you are not inside the host's head.  You can't tell if its because someone you can't stand is going, therefor the person wants to avoid a bad time on their end trying to entertain the both of you separately, or its because of something you did to make them feel a certain way about you. 

          Needless to say that was me yesterday.  I thought I was real cool with someone, and they planed something I wasn't invited to.  Were my feelings hurt? Yes, but you learn to get over it. 


          TRY not to take things like being invited places too personally.  You never know what their motive was for not or even for inviting you somewhere, just like people you don't or do invite somewhere can't tell yours either.  If it bothers you that much than ask the person why you weren't invited.  I know, not really a convo I'd bring up either, but you have one of two options, let it go or find out.  Its a lot easier said than done, but most things in life are.

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