Friday, September 9, 2011

Mmmmhh Donuts

          I don't need another one.  But they're so good.  You're fine, be strong.  But they're right there. Get it together, you won't reach your goal if you keep back tracking.... 

          This is the battle I am having in my head right now as I write this.  Free donuts.  Seems like every Friday my Boss thinks its a good idea to bring them in for the trailer... Bitch.  Well I don't really mean that.  Its a very nice of her, but I'm trying to loose the 10 Ibs I gained since school ended and then another 5 to get to my dream weight.  Needless to say these free donuts aren' t helping. 

          Well I should rephrase that, being on a savings splurge along with my weakness for certain things, any free, chocolate, or bready foods is something like my kyrptonight when it comes to my weight loss.  That coupled with having my hair straightened, which prevents me from doing anything that requires sweat, has been the reason why I haven't seen a budge in the scale or the flattening of my abs. 

          What I need is another weight loss challenge.  I'm very competitive and am not a fan of loosing so that would really get my ass in gear.  After I get my hair braided tomorrow I will be a gym rat.  Monday I'll be signing up for Gold's Gym and getting back into a workout routine which will consist of a mix of cardio and weights 5 days a week in the forms of insanity on days I don't feel like leaving the house, spinning at the gym, and pilates and yoga on my moody says.


           As I think about my plan to get to my goal weight, I think about how I'm going to get through the days where nothing seems to fill my stomach.  And to those days and others I will simple try my best to controll myself, but if I can't well there is always tomorrow to start again.  Everyday is a chance to start over, in the event that you fucked up yesterday.

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