Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Aim for the Week and Beyond

          So to keep the theme of getting happy and staying productive I dedicate this post to the goals I would like to accomplish this week and beyond.  The new year is approaching and it has me thinking about what my New Year's Resolutions will be.  The only thing is that this year I want to have those resolutions already in place so that there will be less chance of back tracking in the New Year.

For this week my goals are...

Stay busy after work:  Sleeping my life away isn't and shouldn't cut it.
Get into a good daily routine: Inclusive of sleep, work, eating, and exercising
Apply to at least one higher Ed job: I'm getting too comfortable with my less than exciting job and I
     need a reminder that this is only a placeholder until I find a job that fits my needs.

Long Term Goals...

Cook a new healthy meal everyweek:  I want to expand my cooking skills and this is a great way to
     do it.
Rock my natural hair:  Yes, its bye bye braids after December.  For the New Year I will fully dive
     head first (no pun intended) into the world of complete natural hair.  Baby steps though, my first goal is to
     do a month straight of doing my own hair, then I'll see where I'm at and if assistance from a Natural Hair
     salon will be needed. 
Keep up with My Fitnesss Pal:  For so long I've been trying new health tracking methods and
     programs and I've finally found one I can stick with.  Now all I have to do it stick with it. 
Become addicted to working out:  Maybe addiction is a strong word, but I want to get to a point
     where I don't have to fight tooth and nail with myself to get up and go to the gym.  Once I get this down
     reaching my goal weight of 130 will be a walk in the park.  Lets just hope I can accomplish it before my
     Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Miami :). 
Be more social and open:  I'm trying to expand my social network in real life, forget facebook and
     twitter.  It doesn't matter how many friends or followers you have if you can't actually hang out with
     someone without being creepy or feelins weird.  I have a wonderful apartment with tons of nice things but
     all that mean nothing if I can't through a party now and then and share them with people.
Be smarter with my money and save more:  I know, with all those spreadsheets and calculating
     down to the penny, you'd think I'd have that down pack, but there is always room for improvment and
     sometimes I'm an impulse buyer when I see something I really like. 
Continue to build my blog:  This little thing right here has saved me from my bordem at work but
     also opened up so many other doors in my life that I only want to continue working on it to see what
     other great things it'll bring me. 

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