Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Blessings: Another Day

Today's Morning Commute, The Only Bit of Sun I See for the Day
          Yesterday didn't really end off on a good note and I can't stand going to bed upset.  But I guess its my fault, I get too emotional sometimes and expect too much from people.  So today, I've made an effort to just take those annoying little things called emotions and bring them down 50 notches.  Time to schedule a little me time and self reflect for the day.  Not on my job because I've already started the ball rolling on changing that, not on my relationship because that's what kind of been making me crazy, and not even on my friends or family because for the most part I always make time for them, but some time to reflect on just me. 

          So today I'm doing just that.  What do I want for today, tomorrow, and in the distant future?  I've been able to cross out some of my personal short term goals, like refinancing my car, getting my money in better order and even joining a gym.  To give myself a little brake from everything else I'm taking today to wind down and relax.  What do I have in mind? Well after I do a little shopping for my little get-together tomorrow I will be pampering myself at home with a facial, mani and pedi, then off to the movies to see New Year's Eve with Me, Myself, and I.  Yes people, it is perfectly fine to go to the movies by yourself.  And to end off the night a little studying by the fireplace for my GRE tomorrow. 

          Even though yesterday wasn't the greatest, my blessing of the day is that I was fortunate enough to wake up this morning and see another day.

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