Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Blessings: I've Got Options!

          How do you like it? My new blog layout that is.  Kinda the same, but a fresh new layout.  I still have a lot of work I want to do with in in terms of the content and tweeking the look of it but I'm even more proud of it than I was before :).  I've gotten tons of inspiration from fellow bloggers and can't wait to expand on it!

          This brings me to my 3rd blessing in my "25 Days of Blessings" series which is that I have options.  Whether its something simple like changing the layout of my blog or moving into a whole new apartment, I have options to pick and choose from if I want to (and boy do I ever). 

          You see, I get bored of things very quickly, hairstyles, cell phones, apartments, but especially home decor.  I haven't been in my new apartment more than 2 months and I'm already ready to give my living room a make-over.  I'll admit it, I may have a problem but nonetheless I'm fortunate enough to able to change little or major things in my life at my leisure which is more than what many people can say. 


          If you have options, you have decisions.  If you have decisions than you have choices.  If you're unhappy with something take those OPTIONS, DECIDE on what you're going to do, and CHOSE to act on them. 


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  1. :) yes, you have options in all aspects of your life!