Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Days of Blessings: Mi Familia

          Good Monday everyone.  Another mellow start to the day and that is what I need after my emotions have been up, down, around, and all over the place.  Its a slow process but I'm working on keeping those bad boys in check. 

          So this weekend was...low key.  Cleaning, shopping, and relaxing Friday night.  Saturday AM cooking and some more cleaning (for the record my apartment is not that dirty, I just have OCD).  After all that, I took my ass down to the Prometric testing center to take my GRE.  Good thing about it is that it was on a computer and they gave you your score right after the test.  I didn't do as well as I hoped but did fair enough for not really studying :).  We'll see what that means for my acceptance to my grad school.  Nice thing about it was the sweet sunset that was waiting for me on my way home. I'll admit, I kind of have a thing for taking pictures of sunrises\sunsets.


          Later that night, I had planned to have a little party just because, but it didn't turn out anything like I hoped it would be.  I wouldn't say it was a complete bust because one of my friends came as well as the Mr. and my roomate was there, but it wound up being a stuff-your-face-sit-down-therapy-session about sex, relationships and all things related. Fun shit.

          Sunday was a day spent in bed and after sleeping the day away I recieved a phone call from my Ma.  She called me because my nephew (age 2) was running around asking for me.  She put him on the phone and said all but a few words, "Hi Auntie Tay Tay" and ended with an "I love you".  It was that moment that the tears started to fall.  Why you ask?  Well, not too long ago I went home and when I went to pick him up, he ran.  Not because I scared him or he was playing around, but because he didn't know me or even remembered my name.  Now to hear that he was randomly asking for me, touched my heart and made me realized how much I miss them and how much I'm missing as my nephews and little sister grow up. 

          So today's blessing is dedicated to my family.  As much hell as they put me through and as crazy, disfunctional, and aggrivating they may be at times, I still love them to death.  Even though they haven't always been there, I am who I am today because of them, and for that I'm truely blessed. 

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