Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 Days of Blessings: The Gift of Giving

          Good Moooooorning Everyone!  The sun is shining, tomorrow's pay day, and today is the first day of December!  Do you know what that means?  It means I can dive full on into the holidays!  I love it, just something about it makes me feel good.  So to honor the 25 days of Christmas, everyday I will be posting a blessing of mine.  Before you jump to conclusions, I'm not an extremely religious person by any means but I do believe in a higher Being and that they have a major effect on the life I have and live. 

          So in the spirit of Christmas, my first blessing is that I'm able to give to the ones I love.  While Black Friday was mainly a day for muah, I had finished most of my Christmas shopping a few weeks prior.  But giving doesn't only mean tangible gifts, it could mean something more.  This past weekend I was able to give my stepmom some time to be alone from my little sister after receiving some bad news, at the same time I was able to take the little one out mini golfing with the Mr. and give her a day out of the house. 



          I apologize if my Christmas cheer is too cheesy or corny for you, well actually I'm not.  If you don't like it simply type in another URL and get off my page :).  But in all seriousness, count your blessings.  You never know who is praying they had what you do.

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