Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Blessings: My Special Someone

          So maybe saying I'll post a blessing of mine everyday was a bit too ambitious, so to be more realistic I'll change that to everytime I post in the month of Decemember I will talk about a blessing of mine.  Posting anything everyday is too much when you actualy have a life you want to live and enjoy.

          As for today's blessing I'm grateful for, its my special someone.  Everyone wants to find that special person that they can share any and everything with, someone who gives even more than they take, someon to listen and offer advice (even if you don't want to take it), and someone that gives you that rollercoaster sensation in your stomach even though your feet are planted firmly on the ground.  Well I got all that and more with Mike.  We have our problems too, but I can honestly say that for me the good definately outweigh the bad. 

          Now before you go thinking that I'm so kind of hopeless romantic, I'm not, I'm just a romantic :).  But I'm very much a realist as well.  I don't know what the future holds for us and how long we'll be together (though I hope for a while) all I can do is be happy and grateful for the moments we have now and ride it out for as long as we can.


          Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own plans and ideas for the furture when in a relationship, that you cause more problems than neccessary.  Learn to forget about tomorrow and focus on today, because if you're only focused on the future, you'll miss out on the present which won't lead to the future you planed. 

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