Wednesday, January 4, 2012


          So in a valiant effort, despite my current mood (hence the depressing posts), I'm going to try and force myself back into my routine of exercising, writing, and overall trying to keep myself busy.  I find that is the best way I coupe with negative feelings, drown them out with things to keep busy with.

          I know, it may not be the healthiest method but in all honesty I will end up like Bella (reference "Heartbroken for the Holidays" post) if I don't.  So yesterday I went to Zumba  and tried this new Hip Hop class which was awesome!  Got me out of my rut for a while.  But of course it was swamped with all the "New Year, New Body" people who will crowd gyms for a few weeks make regulars like me pissed and then never come back.  Don't get me wrong I'm all for New Year's resolutions but in my opinion they should be somewhat realistic. 

          For example one of my resolutions is to reach my goal weight of 130 Ibs.  But loosing weight is nothing new to me.  At my heaviest I was 170Ibs, that's a lot for any woman but especially for someone who is only 5' 3".  But that was almost 4 years ago and at my lightest I was down to 137 Ibs, only 7 Ibs away from my goal, so clearly my goal is very attainable. 

          Now if your resolution is to lose 50Ibs and you have never step foot in a gym in your life, then maybe you should reevaluate and make your resolution a little more realistic.  I find that my most successful endeavors I just did, no planning, no resolutions, etc  I just realized something I didn't like and began to change my actions so that I could fix it. 

          But I didn't write today to bash your resolution hopes.  I just wanted to reflect on a few things that have and have not worked for me in my life up until now and highlight the ones I want to carry with me as the New Year starts...

  • Being an Introvert:  By nature I'm a quiet reserved person.  People who know me always joke that you would swear I'm the meanest person by the way I look sometimes, but I'm real generous and friendly once you get past the deterring facial expressions. But to be honest I kind of like it that way.  It would be easier to make a lot more friends if I were an extrovert, but I value quality over quantity.  But to tweak my sometimes extreme introversion, I'll make and effort to be a little more of an E to meet people in this still very new state.

  • Being Honest:  So I feel like this past year I took this to a whole new level.  There is such thing as being too honest and I believe I went there.  Now don't get me wrong, I've told my fair share of white lies that have gotten me into some trouble but I think the lesson taken from this is to know what's appropriate and not appropriate to say based on the occasion, the person, and your relationship with them.  Definitely something that is being taken with me into 2012. 

  • Being Thrifty:  I pride myself on being very good with my money.  Finding great deals, saving money on DIYing, I always found a way to save my hard earned money.  Unfortunately I lost my mind after I took out more than I needed on my college loans and developed quite a bad shopping habit.  Going into 2012 I need to get back to the mentality I had in high school about my money.  With only an $8/hr 25 hour a week job over the course of 4 months and saved enough money to buy my first car.

  • Being Me:  Through all the bullshit, amazing highs, and terrible lows I still remained the same.  Refined overtime with experience, but nonetheless the same.  Someone told me that if you stay true to yourself, things will work out the way they are suppose to and I truly believe it.  So as I enter 2012 I will continue to be myself, keep my mind open to new things, learn, and hope that everything will work out the way its suppose to.

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  1. Love Love Love this post :) Looking forward to these changes!