Thursday, February 9, 2012

21st Century Heartaches

          A breakup is already hard but in the age of social media, its even worse.  I remember my first real breakup.  I was only 17 and at that time Facebook and Twitter wasn't relevant.  I had a little Myspace account that I occasionally used but that was only assessable from my home desktop computer.  Needless to say if you wanted to check up on someone you had to use the phone.

          But the point was that when we broke up that was it.  I didn't have to worry about seeing tagged pictures of him with other females or reading his status updates on what he was doing or who he was with and feeling like everything he said on there was directed at me.  Nope, didn't have to do it. 

          Back then, life was simple and you didn't have to worry about reading into every single post, or lack thereof.  In the age of social networks, there is no such thing as self control when you have access to an ex's social network because in that battle curiosity always wins over self control.  But what I've learned in my sporadic cleaning of my social accounts is that if they can let go of you in real life than you can (and should) let go of them in the online one.


          I'm a firm believer in que sera sera, so its ok to let go because if it was truly meant to be, it will find its way back.  So for your sanity and the sake of moving on, go ahead and cut the umbilical cord that is your social network ties to the person who decided to let you go in real life.  And until you are FULLY at a place where you can be fine being his friend, reading his posts, not taking anything he says personally and not losing your mind if you see a picture of him with someone else, don't friend him.  And on that note I will leave you with a little humor I found of all places...Facebook.

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