Friday, February 10, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Fridays

          Gooood Morning lovely people! Yes its Friday and I'm in a fantastic mood :).  Why you may ask?  Just watch "The Secret" or read the book, and you'll understand :).  Anyway, because I'm in such a good mood and feeling a little inspired I thought I'd switch up "What I'm lovin' Fridays" a bit.  So before I take you to my regularly scheduled program I thought I'd list 5 things that I'm lovin' about myself.  Nothing like a little self appreciation to start off the weekend :).

1.  My Hips:  Every since I stumbled upon skinny jeans and leggings, I realized I got some major curves in my hips (thanks Ma :D).  Now I may not have the buns of my dreams but I've got hips for days.  Learn to love what you have and you'll forget about what you don't!

2.  My Lips:  Add some lipgloss (favorites are MAC and Victoria's Secret) and then bad boys get poppin'!

3.  My Height:  I'm a shorty... literally.  I stand firm at a whopping 5' 2-3/4".  But I love it.  No one believes me when I say that but I guess my presence makes me appear taller :) Plus, I can put on heels and be taller if I want.

4.  My Nails:  Random but I actually have very white nails, so much so that when I get manicures I don't have to pay the extra $5 for a french one because my tips are already white.

5.  My Personality:  I love who I am and I wouldn't want to be anyone else :)

And now back to "What I'm Lovin' Fridays"

1.  Fearless: Taken by Mister Marat.  Apply this to life and see results.

2.  My Planner: So Shannon of healthyshenanigans made me want to get a Erin Condren Planner but since I haven't used a planner in a while I figured I start small with this one and if I stick to using it, I will reward myself with one next year.

3.  Nikon 1: One of my friends just got a banging new Nikon which made me want to get one that fit my needs.  Slim, compact, and great quality.  New Wish List item! 

4.  Tumblr Mobile App: I'd never be on Tumblr if it wasn't for the iPhone app. Now if only Blogger would be the same...

5.  Turtle and Apple:  By Vedran Vidak.  I love turtles :)

What are you lovin today?

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