Monday, February 27, 2012

My Good Karma: Amazing Friends

         They say there is family that you are born with and family that you choose.  Well my chosen family are my friends.  This weekend was full of laughs, revelations, tears of both love and sadness, but most importantly tons of support. 

"IDK my BFF Rose": Yeah she's the twin I never had.  To say she's been a good friend would be the understatement of the year.  She's more like a sister who's been there through it all and help me in more ways than I can even describe.  I only hope I can give her half of what she's given me.  Though we may not talk everyday or see each other often, no matter how much time has passed we always pick up right where we left off.

My Worcester Team:  These are my go-to girls who always come through for me when I need to vent and let my hair down.  There's Shanice the best roomie/ friend I ever had.  Too many good times our Senior year to count and many more to come.  Then there's Yetti my positive motivation/business partner/ fitness inspiration.  I could go on and on but read her blog and you'll see why she's so amazing. Mik, probably the most carefree of them all and always comes through for me (and my little one) when I need her too.  And last but not least, Diva.  My love who gives the most honest and heartfelt advice when I'm down and reminds me so much of myself being sooooo ambitious with all the things she's involved in.


          I could go on about the many other amazing people in my life but I'll save them for later. 


Surround yourself with amazing people who uplift and make you better.  Their positivity is contagious.

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