Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My TLC Plan for The Locs and Terresentials Review

          So its about time I tell you how I give The Locs some Tender Lovin' Care.  Twist outs are my staple style and buns come to my rescue when The Locs are having a bad day.  But once a week is wash day, my time to unwind and take care of me.  Finally here is my regimen :)

Wash Day!
1.  Section my hair into 4 parts and prepoo with EVOO.  I let it sit for 15min-1hr.  (I know a large time frame but sometimes I like to take a nap :)

2a.  When I use shampoo and conditioner (only natural parbeen, sulfate, mineral oil, silicone, and protein free ones):  In the Shower, shampoo each section, apply conditioner, finger detangle, rinse, add conditioner again, and twist.  I let the conditioner sit while I go about my regular shower business and then rinse just as I'm ready to get out.  Once out, I apply my homemade DC of coconut oil, EVOO, and honey to each section and retwist.

2b.  Recently I have been using Terresentials mud wash (thanks Nap!) in which the process goes like this:  In 8 sections saturate hair with water using spritz bottle and massage mud wash throughout each section and twist.  In the shower, rinse out mud wash, apply homemade DC and retwist.  Resume shower rituals.

3.  Once the DC is in I get out my Huetiful Hair Steamer and sit under it for about 30 min (it has an automatic shut off so I just sit under it until it stops).  During this time I put on my mud mask, kick up my feet and watch Law and Order SVU.  How I love Tuesday nights :)

4.  After the steamer I rinse the DC out (still in twists) with cool water and t-shirt dry.  Apply some of Nap's Silky Stuff to each section, retwist, don a silk cap and voila all done. 

          As you can see using Terresentials is WAY simpler than using shampoo and condition.  I've been using the Giovanni Smooth as Silk duo and its been alright (click here for the review) but with Terresentials I spend less time in the shower, save money on hot water and reduce the amount of product I use.  And might I add I am addicted to the smell of the Lavender Terresentials, I LOVE it! 

          As for its benefits, besides having an amazing smell and cutting down my regimen time by close to 45 minutes, I've notice that my curls are a little more defined and its doesn't dry out my hair as much as shampoo.  Other than that, there are no "miracle" results but definitely a good product.  However the main drawback is its price.  For a 16oz bottle once you add shipping (its not readily found in stores), I paid $29.25!  Yes definitely on the priceyer side.  However the good thing about it is that I can attempt to make this myself because the ingredients are au natural! 

          All in all I like it.  I might venture off to try cheaper natural cleansing products but I'll always keep this in my back pocket :)

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