Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Vow to Make the Most out of My Weekends

          And that is exactly what I did.  I hung out with great people, did a little shopping, worked on some awesome stuff (stay tuned!), organized, cleaned and finished off the weekend with a little me time at the movies. 

          What did I see?  Well you may have gotten a hint from the title but I went and saw "The Vow".  Sappy love story it was indeed but it taught me a lot.  For one, when I do decide to get back into a relationship, I WILL NOT drag my boyfriend to see sad chic flicks with me.  There were a few solos in there with me but a lot of poor men were sitting there bored out of their minds while their girlfriends ooohed and awwwed with the rest of us.  Take something your man likes to watch that you can't stand, now imagine being forced to sit through it for 2 hours?  Yeah I didn't think you'd like it either.

          Second thing I learned was to go to an earlier show.  Disclaimer: I'm usually NOT a crier for movies unless an animal dies.  But since "The Notebook", I haven't been as tough when it comes to love stories.  That combined with my already vulnerable state, I became a ball of tears.  As soon as the credits started rolling I beelined to the exit.  Since I went to a 5:30 showing on Sunday, I had to cut through the crowded lobby trying to hide my running nose and bloodshot eyes.  Solution? Next time go to a early matinee so I don't have to do the walk of shame through a crowd.
          And the last thing I learned was from the movie itself.  It was a great reiteration of if its meant to be, it will find its way...on its own.  Don't force it, no matter how bad you want it because it just doesn't work out that way.  I won't spoil the movie for you but this probably made my top list of favorite movies because it was a realistic romance.  Definitely a must see in my book. 

Happy Wednesday People!

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