Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Weekend Excursion

          I know, I know a little late in the week to post my shenanigans from last week, but better late than never!  So at this point I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been to NYC, especially now that my friend Yetti has moved there.  However, this past weekend I became a full fledged tourist.  I went up for the weekend to visit a relative who lived in Manhattan directly across from the Museum of Natural History (aka where Night at the Museum was filmed).  The place was immaculate.  I felt as though I was staying in a Museum myself. 

          It was a fun time in spite of my initial reserves filled with tons of laughs, great sites, lots of encounters with NYC's infamous critters, and even better company.  Some of my stops on the trip included the City Sight Tours (AKA the double decker tourist buses), Highline Park (thanks Yetti!), World Trade Center Construction site, Central Park and the Museum of Natural History.

          I'm beginning to like NYC a little more every time I visit.  Still would never live there (the Boston Pride in me wouldn't allow it, along with the price of living), but visiting is turning out to be more enjoyable than I had imagined.

          So before I go I will leave you with a fun fact that I learned on the trip.  Mayor Bloomberg who is currently the richest New Yorker valued at $12 Billion, is actually a Boston Native.

Boom! Gotta love my City.

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