Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Heartbroken for the Holidays

"Sometimes its better to feel pain than to be numb, at least then you know your alive"  -Q
          Clearly by the title I didn't have the best holiday but my comfort came from the reactions I got from my family after opening the presents I gave them. A Kindle Fire for them as a whole, Resident Evil for the Wii for my stepmother who couldn't find a zombie game anywhere for the console, and some new Skylanders game for my little sister's new 3Ds.

           It's always nice to be surrounded by family and friends no matter what time of year it is but especially for the Holidays.  I did a lot over my mini vaca and I'll be sure to update with tons of pics and stories, but right now my mind is not on any of that.  The quote at the top came to my head this morning.  Part of me is numb but I still feel the twinge of pain (emotionally).  I guess that's a better place to be than completely on either ends of the spectrum.  I wish no one the agony of a first heartbreak,  you might end up something like Bella from Twilight (been there done that and trust its neither cute or healthy). 

          But then again to be completely numb deprives the soul from feeling any emotion, happiness and joy included.  Times like these you just have to hold your head up and remember that anything that is meant to be will find its way back to you and if not then everything happens for a reason.

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